Salute American Vodka’s mission is to financially support American heroes through the sale of high-quality, American-made craft spirits.

The first dollar of every bottle sold directly funds organizations that support veterans and other American heroes in their pursuit of an education, career success, and the American dream.

At Salute American Vodka, we give thanks to American heroes, with a special focus on veterans, an often overlooked population.

Of the nearly 20 million active, wounded or retired veterans, 1.6 million are millennials. There are hundreds of organizations nationwide that are working with veterans of all generations who have bravely sacrificed for our country, helping them to build financial stability, acquire jobs, secure housing and get the emotional and physical help that they need.

At Salute American Vodka, we want to ensure there are enough resources to help veterans, of all ages, transition from military to civilian life.

We partner with nonprofits and retailers across the country to give thanks to veterans, award scholarship money, laptops, work-related equipment and vehicles, provide job opportunities and more. We are committed to producing authentically all-American spirits and working with our partners to fulfill our promise to make a difference in communities nationwide.

Here is How we Salute Veterans and Other American Heroes:

Spirts with Soul:

Salute American Vodka is a high-quality, award-winning craft vodka with a charitable social mission.

Authentically All-American:

A native spirit made for and by Americans in a marketplace infiltrated by foreign brands, Salute American Vodka is USA Certified™. The vodka is distilled from grains grown in the Heartland. Everything from our labels to our signature red, white and blue 750 ml military canteen bottles is 100% American-made.


Since our founding in 2011, we have remained loyal to our mission. We don’t contribute just “a portion of profits earned”; we give the first dollar of every bottle sold to organizations that provide programs and services that support our veterans and other American heroes.


Together with our distributors and retailers, we connect with organizations to achieve one mission: to make a difference if the lives of local veterans and heroes in their communities through the sale of Salute American Vodka.


The 80-proof vodka is distilled four times for a thicker pour and smooth, clean and odorless taste.


Salute American Vodka is a leader for corporate social responsibility in the spirit industry. Our goal is to become the number one contributor to veterans’ organizations in the spirit industry.

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