Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love.

Everyone deserves to be loved, especially on February 14th. Let’s face it: candy, roses and nice dinners are overrated. Grab your favorite person and have a more meaningful Valentine’s Day by giving back to others. Here are 3 fun activities from Salute American Vodka to help make your day a little sweeter:

  1. Volunteer. Not everyone has someone to love this Valentine’s Day. Take an hour or two out of your week and spend some time at a homeless shelter, senior center, or Veteran’s organization. A small gesture can mean so much to someone who may be feeling alone. Chances are you’ll feel pretty amazing after, too.
  2. Give a Gift that Gives Back. The reality is- most Valentine’s Day gifts have a short-lasting meaning. Buy a gift that shows your love for your significant other, but also has a long-term impact on the world around you. Salute American Vodka donates the first dollar from every bottle sold to a Veteran’s charity. By enjoying a bottle of Salute American Vodka with your loved one, you’re helping American heroes re-build their lives back home after returning from service. Your purchase makes a difference.
  3. Send Letters to Those Overseas. Most servicemen and women who are out fighting for our country won’t be getting any time to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Sending a small “thank you” note or care package to them may help them feel a little closer to their home and family. Show your appreciation for someone by spreading love to everyone, even when they may not be expecting it!