Salute American Vodka is distilled four times for a thick pour and smooth taste.  Since the 80-proof liquor is clean and odorless, it pairs well with just about anything! If you’re serving Salute American Vodka at your next dinner party, try one of our 5 favorite food pairings below!

A steak dinner always has a way of feeling celebratory, so why not bring the party with Salute American Vodka? A classic vodka soda works well with a beefy meat such as steak. The carbonation helps cut through fat. Add a splash of lime juice to balance out your palette.  Martinis taste pretty awesome with Steak, too!

Smoked Salmon
Whether you’re having a Bloody Mary or just a shot at brunch, Salute American Vodka and smoked salmon are the perfect match! Richly smoked fishes are dry and need a beverage like Salute American Vodka to quench them. Serve chilled for best results.

These scrumptious dumplings are often stuffed with potatoes and cheese and can be seen at parties, holiday gatherings and the Salute American Vodka office. Pierogis are usually pan fried with butter and caramelized onions, so pairing this tasty treat with Salute American’s corn and wheat grains make a pleasant combination for your taste buds.

If you’re a lover of Bloody Marys, this pairing is a no-brainer! The smoothness of Salute American Vodka helps compliment salty and sour from the pickles. Have you ever tried pickle-infused vodka? Try 1 part pickle juice and 3 parts Salute American Vodka in a glass jar, refrigerated for 2-3 days.  Like cucumber cocktails or dirty martinis? This is your new game.

When pairing cheese with Salute American Vodka, stick to the more subtle, mellow, creamy cheeses, such as goat cheese, ricotta or brie. The sharpness and bold flavors of some other cheeses may clash with the clean, smooth consistency of Salute American Vodka.