If you are planning a pumpkin party or monster bash with your best goblins and ghouls this Halloween and are looking for a little hocus pocus to brew in your cauldron, Salute American Vodka has the spooky spirits for you. Check out three of our hair-raising cocktail recipes from our spell book that are sure to make any werewolf howl at the moon.

Whet your guests’ palate with Salute American Vodka’s Witches Brew. Combine 1 cup of Salute American Vodka, 1/2 cup blackberries, 2 cups cranberry juice, and 1/4 cup club soda. Muddle blackberries in a bowl, pour into a pitcher filled with ice. Add Salute American Vodka, cranberry juice, stir. Top with club soda. Makes four servings.




Haunt your guests with a chilling American Apple Cider Mule. Prepare 1.5 oz. of Salute American Vodka; 4 oz. apple cider; 4 oz. ginger beer; dash of cinnamon; and one orange slice. Pour vodka, orange juice, ginger beer, and ice into a copper mug. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. Garnish with an orange slice.




Spook your potion with a Pumpkin Spice Salute and Soda. You will need 2 oz. Salute American Vodka; 6 oz. soda water; 1 tbsp pumpkin pie spice; 3 tbsp pumpkin puree; 2 tbsp granulated sugar; 1 tbsp brown sugar; and 1 tbsp cinnamon. Place wet glass upside down on small plate. Sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon on rim. In a sauce pan, bring soda water, granulated sugar, pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice to a boil. Let cool, then combine with soda water and vodka.



The first dollar of every bottle of Salute American Vodka sold goes to organizations that provide programs and services for veterans and other American heroes.

Happy Halloween! Always drink responsibly.

Salute American Vodka offers cocktails for any occasion. Check out our recipes page for more ideas.