The 2017 Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards, a consumer driven competition, recently hosted its largest blind tasting to date. Salute American Vodka was among 673 domestic and international brands which were judged by 118 unbiased consumers based on three merits: taste, aroma and finish.

The SIP Awards create a unique opportunity to level the playing field between established and up and coming spirits. Keeping the consumer in mind, the competition vets judges to ensure they aren’t affiliated with brands, distributors or marketers and uses an algorithm to account for variability in palate consistence. Every judge received approximately four to nine percent of samples twice that were served undiluted, chilled and in unmarked NEAT glasses.

Salute American Vodka may have been one of the newer spirits, however, that didn’t stop the American-made craft vodka from outscoring well-known competitors. The patriotic spirit was judged in the plain vodka category, meaning the vodka wasn’t infused or mixed. Out of 66 competitors within this category, Salute American Vodka was among 19 plain vodkas awarded a Platinum SIP Medal, the second-highest honor. The charitable spirit outshined 45 other brands within the same category.

“It is an honor to be ranked at the top of our category by consumers, especially as we work to expand nationally,” says Michael Lutz, Salute American Vodka operations manager. “At Salute American Vodka, it is our mission to produce high-quality, American-made, craft spirits that make a difference in the local veteran communities. Not only do we offer great tasting vodka, we have a charitable mission. The first dollar of every bottle sold goes directly to nonprofit organizations that support servicemen and women.”

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Salute American Vodka donates the first dollar of every bottle of vodka sold to organizations that support veterans and other American Heroes. To find a retailer that carries Salute American Vodka near you, click here.